Local league season commences

This week the first local league matches of the season were played. We are very fortunate in this area to be able to readily compete in several different table tennis leagues, including the Portsmouth league, the Gosport & Fareham league and the Southampton league.

As usual, Generation 2 has entered teams in a wide variety of leagues and divisions – offering club members an opportunity to compete at a level, and in a geographical area, that suits them best.  This year, the club entered the following teams into the various leagues:

Portsmouth league

Division 1 – 2 teams (Platinum and Rhodium)

Division 2 – 2 teams (Iridium and Gold)

Division 3 – 1 team (Titanium)

Division 4 – 1 team (Copper)

So, all levels of play within the Portsmouth league are covered, offering challenges for both our most capable players, and those much newer to the sport. Some of the lower level teams are geared particularly to encouraging our young players to gain experience in competitive table tennis.

Gosport & Fareham (G&F) league

Premier – 2 teams (Comets and Asteroids)

Division 1 – 1 team (Planets)

The G&F league includes only two divisions, so again the club offers play at both levels.  The Gosport & Fareham table tennis league includes a very diverse range of players, and requires minimal travel – with most away matches being held at Knowle Village.

Southampton league

Premier division only.  The premier division of the Southampton table tennis league offers play of a very high standard, enabling our top players to go toe-to-toe with some of the very best players in Hampshire.

We are always pleased to hear from potential new club members, whether they are interested in joining one of our local league teams, or if they are looking for a relaxed and friendly environment to play table tennis without the competitive element.

Please click here to contact us if you would like to know more:

Contact Us | Generation 2 Table Tennis Club (gen2tt.com)

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