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Club Member in Ukraine

Long time club member Graeme smith has recently retuned from the Romanian border of Ukraine where he was involved in delivering food, medical supplies, clothes and ‘other stuff’ which has been generously donated by the people of Gosport and Hampshire. The thoughts of the club were with him despite missing training and matches!

The trip was in conjunction with @Jacobswell charity, run by the Pottinger family who have been tirelessly sending aid to Romania since 1992. Please do visit their Facebook page to see what they are doing on a daily basis.

As Graeme explained, “you have to witness the kindness and incredible effort of these people to believe it .they literally don’t stop. Seeing the faces of the Ukrainian people was heart breaking they are crossing the border in minus 12 degree conditions and people are dying. But on the positive side the incredible work of Ovidiu and the crew at the border camp fills your heart and inspires you to keep going so please take a look at the work they are doing and give what you can…let’s create a better world than the one that’s been ruined by the corrupt governments of this world”.