Summer League

All results are now in, and the final standings can now be announced!  Attached to this email are the final tables, and the individual player percentages, by division.  To be considered for individual performance awards, players must have played in at least a third of the fixtures.


Neither Soberton A not B could do enough to stop Generation 2’s march to the division 1 title, with an outstanding performance from Callum Ashworth, against Soberton A, beating both Richard Billings and Dave Woodacre.  Richard’s compensation was to end Charlie Childs’ unbeaten record.

In division 2, two solid performances from Bob Shaw and John Manuel gave Cowplain Yellow back-to-back victories over PTTC 3 Amigos, leaving the Portsmouth side in last place.

In division 3a Knowle Tigers overcame Nuffield to tie for second place – third on game difference.
Division 1 Winners: Generation 2 A
Division 1 Runners Up: Soberton A
Top player: Charlie Childs, 95.45% from 22 games
Division 2 Winners: Cowplain Alexandra
Division 2 Runners Up: St Clares Eagles
Top player: Ricky Hensman, 94.44% from 18 games
Division 3a Winners: St Clares Grasshoppers
Division 3a Runners Up: Phoenix Perseus

Top player: Brian Greenwood, 95% from 20 games

Division 3b Winners: Generation 2 C
Division 3b Runners Up: Emsworth Seagulls
Top player: Sumant Mistry, 89.47% from 19 games
Thank you all very much!  I look forward to doing it all again next season!
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